Scientific name

Mentha spicata

Plant Characteristics

A perennial plant growing to approximately 20-60 cm high, and is occasionally hairy or stormy-grey in colour. It is a fast growing plant and is widely used as a food seasoning as well as a medical solution for stomach and digestive problems. The leaves are approximately 4-8 cm long and are oval-lanceolate, long stalked and usually having serrated edges. Possessing hardy and sturdy roots and stems, and stolons that grow underground and sprout new plants. There are varieties with dark green or silvery grey, yellow green or variegated leaves, with curly or smooth jagged edges.


The English mint or mint is a plant typical of English cuisine and a magnificent seasoning for salads, lamb and vegetables, and due to its digestive power is widely used in teas such as mint tea that are liked so much in Arab countries, as well as in many cocktails such as the mojito which would be unrecognisable without its touch of mint.